In today’s scenario, it is not only the “Survival of the Fittest” but it is also the “Survival of the Smartest”. One has to be really smart & extraordinary to outgrow others and to succeed in the world. How can one become more smart & extraordinary with our prevailing outdated education system, which is only examination centric, theoretical and with very less focus on the Practical Aspects? Now the question before you is – What is this “PRACTICAL MBA” all about and how different is this, when compared to the usual MBA degree offered by so many Colleges all around the world ?

The Concept of “PRACTICAL MBA” is built around 12 building blocks & they are as follows.

The Actual Reality

The Big Irony!

Don't miss this "Big Opportunity"

World needs only "Domain Experts"

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National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA

We are the Pioneers & the only Business School in the world to offer the most effective Fast Track, Short Term, Customized, “Domain & Industry Specific” PRACTICAL Management courses. We Create “Industry Specialists and Domain Experts” and not the usual “Jack of All, Master of None” kind of students.

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Truly, we are redefining Management Education! All our Programs are very Unique & they are taught by the specific Industry Professionals & Subject Matter Experts in Real Time Class Room environment, covering absolutely the “Practical & Relevant” aspects of a particular Industry vertical.


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