100% Job Guarantee

At National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA, our main mission is to Create Million more Jobs and to make a Million more people employable in the country. In today’s world, it is very difficult for people to get a job, by just becoming a Graduate/ Post graduate/ MBA/ Engineer.

To get a good professional job, one has to become a “Domain Expert or Domain Specialist” in some domain or the other.

Big Business organizations all over the world have now realized that the best choice for most jobs is not the person who possesses more University degrees, but the person who has hands-on experience in the field, having Practical Knowledge. Today, more than ever before, it is important to have the Right Expertise & Domain Knowledge, more than mere qualifications.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it pays to be a “Domain Expert” in some Industry vertical rather than be “Jack of All” kind of ordinary professional looking for any kind of opportunity to sneak into, in any available industry vertical.

So to fill this huge demand, we at National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA, have come out with a very Unique concept called “RECRUIT – TRAIN – DEPLOY” – RTD Concept.

RTD is an innovative and first of its kind initiative in the private sector that is aimed to address the Nations Skill development vision constituent of “Dynamic and demand-based system planning” and assist in Nations pursuit of an effective and efficient skill ecosystem. Recruit- Train – Deploy model has been initiated by National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA as an exception to flexibly cater to the requirements of industry and assist the youth of the country to get employment.

If any company is looking for a particular skill set that is in scarce supply, we can combine the capabilities of our Recruitment and Technical training divisions to source the right people for the job and ensure that all personnel are trained in the specific techniques and skills needed for the work in question before seamlessly delivering them and their deployment.

Let any company have any kind of requirements/ expectations from a employee – We have the experience, passion and expertise to train our students & deliver practical, affordable solutions to them – We call this ‘Recruit, Train, Deploy’ concept

Recruit-Train-Deploy (RTD) is a concept where we are engaged in developing the skills of the youth as per the company’s requirements. It is an industry demand driven program which will cater to the manpower requirements of the industries across many sectors.

There is very acute shortage of skilled Manpower all over the country in as many as 15 different domains. We have selected about 12 different domains & we are training people in these domains.

Within a period of maximum of 3 months time, soon after the course completion, it shall be our duty to get a job for all our successful candidates in companies where their skill sets & domain expertise is required. The candidates will be placed on a Regular Job/ Internship for about 3-6 months time. During this Regular Job/ Internship period, the candidates will get a stipend ranging from Rs 10,000 – Rs 20,000/= Per Month depending upon the employer.

We advise the students to opt for lesser stipend as there is scope for more number of months of Regular Job/ Internship with the prospective employer. If the student opts for more stipend, obviously the duration of the Job internship will be less. At this stage of career, the students aim should be to get as much work experience as possible rather than focusing on high stipend.

Once the student gets good work experience, their profile in their CVs & Resume will look good and the portfolio looks very attractive to future employers & then sky is not the limit for them.

If the performance is good during the Regular Job/ Internship period, there is a very good chance that the candidates will be absorbed by the same company itself.

In the current scenario, a period of 3-6 months is very good enough for the candidates to prove themselves and in just 15 days the employer can really do a fair assessment of the employee.

This is a great opportunity for the students to get trained on Industry relevant practices and for getting lucrative employment in India and abroad with the best of the Industries. Then there is Global recognition of skill through Industry certified trainings and there will be substantial reduction in the amount to be spent for overseas jobs, if the candidates are planning to go abroad.