Online Programs

We at National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA provide very effective Online Programs. Our Online courses are the modern e-learning and are very interactive. They are conducted through our very efficient learning management software system. Online courses are delivered via our website, where students can use their personal computers through the internet and can conveniently access them anywhere and at any time. This lets our students to learn at their own pace, allowing for greater flexibility in completing coursework. Here the courses are created and contents shared in an organized way, so that our students understand & progress in their chosen course & topic. It basically consists of a curriculum, study plan and is organized in units.
Online courses are normally two different types


Synchronous means “Being at the same time.”  In synchronous method, the class takes place at a given particular time and all the students attend simultaneously.

This will be a class, where the proceedings will be streamed live and the trainer conducts the class in real time and the students can interact with the trainer live. Although it is very useful for interactive session between trainer & students, it is not ideal for students who have various other busy schedules since the timings are fixed & not flexible.


But in Asynchronous courses, all the lessons & proceedings are recorded and the student can learn at their own pace. The students can access all the learning materials and the recorded videos for a particular period of time and can undergo training based on their free time. Asynchronous Courses do not take place in real–time. Here the students go through the lessons and study at their own pace. All learning material is recorded or presented ahead of time and the course material can be accessed whenever a student has time at his own convenience.

Here at National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA, Our Online classes are normally “Asynchronous” type. Here the students can learn at their own pace & time. Students complete coursework on their own time but still need to meet weekly deadlines & monthly deadlines. Typically, lessons are designed and pre-recorded before being uploaded and arranged on our website in to a collection of lessons and modules. They are usually laid out in a sequential order for the student to follow. There is a definite form of grading to measure a student’s performance and achievements. And there will be a separate session exclusively for the purpose of interaction with the trainer so that the students can get all their doubts clarified & cleared.

All our online courses have interactive components to make our courses very interesting & alive without a dull moment.

  1. All our courses are high-quality content, taught by Industry experts, delivering the knowledge and skills that you expected and what we promised. We also use multimedia very extensively to make our teaching not only very interesting, enjoyable but also more proactive by engaging all the students.
  2. Our faculty ensure that all our courses are placed with the right & correct frequency so that the students are not overburdened or stressed. The course is split into many smaller lessons to make it easy for the students to understand & grasp.
  3. We also have many interactive sessions between the Students and the faculty to make sure that the students do not feel isolated which is one of the main disadvantage of online classes. The students can not only get all their doubts cleared but also seek further guidance.
  4. We have ensured that the layout for all our courses are technically simple so that it is easy to navigate without the students getting struck at any stage. We make doubly sure that we use the technology which is universally supported & understood & not the unproven technology.