All Programs offered by “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA” are Short Term, Fast Track, Live Management Workshops. They are conducted in Real Time Class Room environment.
They are High Quality “Independent Certificate Programs”.

All our Programs are very Unique in nature and offer a very “High Value for Both Time & Money”. All our Programmes & its Contents are Assured of very High Quality Content. Our Management Workshop Programs are very creative, breakthrough approach to business education. Our Programs will help you understand Business in a Totally PRACTICAL way.

It is all about Quality – the Contents of Program & the teaching approach. We offer a Unique Professional Development Programs in conjunction with the traditional Management concepts. Our Management Workshop Programs solidifies students understanding of broader business challenges.

All our Management Workshop Programs is all about “Distillation, Crystallization and Synthesis”.

Our Management Workshop Programs distills the most valuable lessons from the finest business schools & best business books of all time into Simple & Practical way of doing. In our Program the basic principles of Management has been very carefully distilled into very easily understandable concepts & presented along with Management jargons.

Our Programs have been synthesized from the most important topics in the Business Study. Synthesizing of ideas & insights from several disciplines into practical strategies that can get results immediately. Synthesis of Knowledge from various Business disciplines makes our Programs very Unique.

It is about Personal & Professional development. The hallmark feature of all our Programs is our intense focus on making our Students Successful in Business Management. Our Fast track Management Workshop Programs offers a strong foundation in basic & Core management principles & is more strategic in focus.

The Intention of all our Programs is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge that you need, in order to become a Proficient Business Manager.

Our action based curriculum emphasizes the development of leaders capable of solving real world challenges in the business environments of today & tomorrow.

The Contents for all our programs are conceptualized, designed & planned by our Institute to help our Students & Participants Succeed in their Business & Careers. All our Fast Track Programs come with High Quality Assurance.

When compared with many Programs which are available in the market today like “Online / Correspondence/ Distance Learning/ Virtual Class on TV & Internet/ Buy out degrees etc. Our Programs will be Much More Cost Effective, More Efficient & Practical, More Useful & Beneficial and More Power Packed & Rich in content.