All our programs are taught by the "Subject Matter Experts"

In Universities, all over the world, including the Top Universities in India & abroad, MBA is taught by College Lecturers & College Professors. These people are basically “Academicians” who just go by the Books & syllabus prescribed by the respective Universities.

Most of these Academicians, barring very few, have very little or zero knowledge about the Practical Aspects of Business. These “Academicians” have very minimal knowledge about the Practical Aspects of Business, actual Ground Realities, Actual Markets, How Actual Business takes place, how people behave in various business circumstances, how Banking happens etc, etc.

If these Academicians had any real “Practical Knowledge of Business”, they would not be wasting their precious time sitting in Colleges, earning few thousands by working as Lecturers or Professors, rather they would have been Successful Businessmen, having Successful Businesses themselves earning in Millions.

At “National Business School for PRACTICAL MBA”, our Programs are conducted by Industry Professionals who are the “ Subject Matter Experts” in their respective fields.

In all our PRACTICAL MBA Programs, the concerned subjects is taught by Business Professionals, Business Managers & Industry Experts from that particular Industry vertical from a very Practical Angle and not by College lecturers who have zero or very little knowledge about the actual & practical aspects of the Business.

All our Faculty is invited from the Actual Industry who are Top Managers, Consultants/ Domain Experts/ Senior MNC Executives / Leading Practitioners & Leading Professionals. They will be one of the Best in their respective field. In exceptional cases, where Faculty is from Academic background, they would definitely possess, years of Industry Experience & Practical Knowledge about the Business.