The Education Experts have commented univocally & have said – “ PRACTICAL EDUCATION is the need of the hour, which is very badly missing in our education system & in all our industries”.

We have interacted with many Professors & senior Teaching faculty from many leading Management Institutes including institutes of higher learning like the Indian Institutes of Management, Indian School of Business, XLRI etc and every one of them gave thumbs up to our concept of PRACTICAL MBA. They not only appreciated & praised our concept but also very vehemently said that this is the need of the hour since the present day MBA has become full of theory & less of practical aspects. They said the present day MBA has become just another degree & has lost all the sheen & importance.

We present some comments & observations from some senior faculty after studying the concept & syllabus of our PRACTICAL MBA.

This Program is all you need to attend, to learn about the basic fundamentals of Business. Fundamentals are fundamentals, whether you are an entrepreneur or a top executive in a MNC – this Program will help you to succeed. This Program is about learning the solid fundamentals and concepts of Business education & how to implement them PRACTICALLY & not about getting degree certificate by spending huge money & your valuable time.

This Program has distilled the most valuable lessons of the finest Business schools & best Business books of all time into Simple & PRACTICAL way of doing. This Program is tailor made for busy people who need to master the fundamentals of Management practice without wasting Time & Money.

This Unique Management Program is the Most Economical Management Program in India – Real value for your Money – It is cheaper than many One day/ two day Management Programs being conducted in various metros, focusing on just one/two topics.

This Program has been designed in a very scientific manner. This Program is all about “Distillation & Crystallization” of important Business concepts. Synthesis of Knowledge from various Business disciplines makes this Program very unique. Synthesizing of ideas & insights from several disciplines into PRACTICAL strategies will get you results immediately.